Oil Testing

At our service centers and repair facilities, we repair transformers, switchgear, regulators, reclosers, and controls. We also specialize in on-site installations and field assembly, during which our field technicians are able to install either pad mount or substation power transformers, depending on the need.

Sample Guard

Maajagdamba establishes a repair and maintenance schedule to prevent unplanned or service interruptions and immediate major equipment overhauls. In the event that repairs must be made, our field experts analyze your transformer and identify any required electrical or mechanical repairs.


The primary purpose of transformer maintenance and inspection is to ensure the life expectancy of your assets. The external and internal parts of the transformer must be robust and exhibit proper functionality in order to operate safely and efficiently.

Maajagdamba Transformers are the critical energy bridge that ensures the power you need keeps flowing to energize our work and lives. Transformers are the most important component in the electrical grid.